About NobleCon - a multi-sector blend of emerging growth companies with total representation limited to 130companies. Four presentation tracks run simultaneously each half hour over two days. One-on-one meetings between qualified investors and corporate executives are arranged and scheduled on behalf of participants. Topical panel presentations open to all attendees. Comprehensive evening networking events. Registration for investors is open to institutions, registered investment advisors, family offices, self-directed high-net-worth individuals and independent brokers.

Noble Financial Group, Inc. (Noble) hosts NobleCon as an informational service and networking opportunity for public companies and for the general public. NobleCon is featured on Channelchek.com, a product and service of Noble. Noble’s affiliate, Noble Capital Markets, Inc. a S.E.C. and FINRA registered broker-dealer (B/D), provides advice on the selection of companies to present at NobleCon. Some of the companies that present at NobleCon are covered with research from the B/D. Employees of the B/D attend NobleCon and assist in its organization. The B/D does not provide any person with any investment advice through their participation in, or attendance at NobleCon, nor does the B/D solicite any offers to buy or sell any security of any company, or to open an account at the B/D. Noble and the B/D do not take any responsibility for the accuracy of any information that may be presented by participating companies at NobleCon. Attendance at NobleCon should not be the basis for making any investment decision. Investments in emerging growth companies carry the highest degree of equities investment risk, and such investments could result in the loss of 100% of the amount invested. Anyone considering investing in emerging growth stocks should consult an Investment Advisor who has a fiduciary responsibility to manage your assets in their client’s investor’s best interest, and who can help determine investment suitability.